Define ‘normal’


No need for gym – workout !


:D If you really want to workout you can do it at home too

**If you don’t know how to do some of the mentioned exercises check the basic exercise page to see how they’re done!**

Today’s workout

1) Plank Position Jump Forward keeping hands on the floor and Back into the plank position for 50 sec.

-10 sec. Rest

2) 10 High knees then change to 10 Front kicks and repeat this cycle till the 50sec. are over

-10sec. Rest

3) Burpees for 50 sec.

-10 sec. Rest

4) Wood Chop alternating left and right side (after rotating from e.g. lower left to upper right lower your arms down on your right side and move now from your lower right to your upper left and repeat for 50 sec.)

-10sec. Rest


the 4 exercises above =1 round

Do 3 rounds total, giving your max. effort during the 50sec. and resting only for 10sec. after each exercise.

If you wish to add some more you can do some skipping or if you don’t have a rope at home simply do some high knees or jumping jacks or swap exercises after 2min. and keep going for 20 min