Short Super Intense Ab Workout


If you don’t know an exercises is done check out the Basic Exercise page you’ll find them all in alphabetical order.

Exercises Breakdown:

1) Crunch all-your-abs (1.straight legs variation)
2) Crunch Bicycle
3) Plank around-the-world
4) 1Tuck Jump & 1V-up
5) Crunch all-your-abs (2.Cross-under variation)


Those 5 exercises = 1 cycle
Repeat this cycle of for 2-(3) times giving your max effort during 50sec.(=try to complete as much reps as possible)  then rest for 10sec.(use those small breaks to write down your reps so that you can keep track of improvement) and move on to the next exercise.


Most important thing when training your abs is to tuck in your belly button as hard as you can in order to activate your “power house” (=those ab muscles that work like a corset) this really does the trick to feel the burn and get those flat abs.

Try it, it’s worth the sweat!


No need for gym – workout !


:D If you really want to workout you can do it at home too

**If you don’t know how to do some of the mentioned exercises check the basic exercise page to see how they’re done!**

Today’s workout

1) Plank Position Jump Forward keeping hands on the floor and Back into the plank position for 50 sec.

-10 sec. Rest

2) 10 High knees then change to 10 Front kicks and repeat this cycle till the 50sec. are over

-10sec. Rest

3) Burpees for 50 sec.

-10 sec. Rest

4) Wood Chop alternating left and right side (after rotating from e.g. lower left to upper right lower your arms down on your right side and move now from your lower right to your upper left and repeat for 50 sec.)

-10sec. Rest


the 4 exercises above =1 round

Do 3 rounds total, giving your max. effort during the 50sec. and resting only for 10sec. after each exercise.

If you wish to add some more you can do some skipping or if you don’t have a rope at home simply do some high knees or jumping jacks or swap exercises after 2min. and keep going for 20 min

10 min Burpees Challenge

This 10min exercise seems easy

but once you pass the 5 min you’ll wish they were the 10!!

If you maintain good form and go as quickly as you can through the whole movement(which includes the 5 steps shown above), repeating Burpees for the next 10 minutes you’ll get a workout that’s more intense than a jogging session.


  • You have to push the hardest you can, till the end, to get the real benefits out of such HIIT workouts!!
  • Try to count your reps. Keep a pen and paper nearby to jot them down while you’re gasping for air.


Want it? Work for it- 300 Squats challenge

Today’s workout challenge:

Perform 300 reps of Squats & stop your best time. Take only small breaks to zip on your water.

Always keep track of your fastest times or highest reps in order to have something you can measure your improvement



Easy ways to maximize your fitness

Jack into the morning

Jumping jacks are a quick and easy calorie burner. Do them after you roll out of bed to wake up, while you’re waiting for the shower to warm up, when your coffee is brewing…

Squat Blow Dry

Drying your hair can eat up a lot of your precious time. Maximize it by doing squats while you dry.

Skip the Elevator
Take the Stairs

It’s common sense.  And there’s reason why you’ve heard it’s so good for you- it’s an amazing calorie burner.

Tap Your Toes

When you’re sitting at your desk, tap your toes 25 times. Then do it with the other foot.

Lunge out Commercial Breaks

 Hop up when ads are on and do standing lunges. Every hour of TV contains 20-30 minutes of commercials, so they add up!

Microwave Squats

While you’re waiting for your meal to defrost, do squats instead of leaning against the counter.

Crunch Before Bed

Before you crawl between the sheets, take five minutes to do crunches. Your abs will look amazing—and you’ll burn a bunch of calories in the process.

Catch Some Zzzzzz’s

We can get behind this one: You can burn lots of extra calories by getting a good night’s sleep.

Today’s workout + Bonus


Grab yourself a pen and paper jot down the number of your max repetitions per 50sec. for each exercise in each round.

Doing this will help you keep track of your improvements as you go along

(p.s. do the Ab bonus after the main workout, performing at least 1 round of the 3 exercises- increasing rounds up to 3 if you wish)