Last look on Prada’s summer 2012

Looking back on Prada's summer 2012

Prada SS12

The glamourouse Hollywood of the 50`s was the leitmotif of Prada`s SS2012 campaign.

Marilyn Monroe`s legendary pleated dress and accessories used in this fashion period found their revival.

Features of Cadillac and Hot Rods could be seen in some of the prints, leather skirts and bandeau`s, dresses and purses which marked the area of Boogie-Woogie and Rock`n` Roll. One of the creations highlights is the “Hot Rod flamed” shoe.

Pink and blue summer coats in crochet or lace were displayed along with signature sunglasses from MM.

All in all a felicitous, feminine clothing line which unveils the diva in women.

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The pretty side of Burberry

The pretty side of Burberry = Burberry Prorsum
Personally I’ve never been a great fan of the luxury brand Burberry-
Everyone who is keen on looking super fashionable has to have that purse, scarf or whatever other item that screams: I am damn expensive!- and not because i am actually unique or outrageous, but because I am Burberry!!
Seeing the beige striped pattern printed over and over again in copied and original designs, for me it became boring and most of all the symbol of nouveau riche naff, if you overdo it.
But then the spring 2012 collection of Burberry Prorsum appeared.
Prorsum means ‘to move forward’ in Latin which is basically what this line of Burberry is doing (unlike -Sport, -Brit and -London) . It keeps moving Burberry forward..
Burberry Prorsum is a bit more expensive than the rest of the Burberry brands but it’s at least versatile so the money spent is at least well spent.

Fall in love with S/S12’s candy palette

Spring/Summer2012 collections are awash with soft, pastel hues – from blue, pink, lilac, spearmint and yellow.

The most dominant summer trend:

“Sweet-Sugar-Candy” is proof that being pretty can be “cool” again. Our summer muse loves florals and sweetie colours, but never gets a sugar rush, thanks to simple cuts and modern, doyly lace.

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