Egyptian art- How long will it last?



Weaam El-Masry

Since the fall of former president Mubarak’s regime, Egypt’s art world is anticipating somewhat of a crisis.
Issues formerly regarded as taboo, such as corruption, sexuality and poverty, are now openly presented in Cairo’s art galleries.
There is, however, deep uncertainty as to how long it will last.

Local artist Weaam El-Masry, whose nude paintings are hazardous regarding the new forming tendencies, says she is worried about the prospect of the new government.

“They think art is forbidden.” says El-Masry.
Now what’s left to do is hope for the best, wait, see and paint.


-Dance in Paradise



– Untitled


Eggs and Banana ?

Tjalf Sparnaay

The Dutch Photo-realistic artist has been working with the everyday objects since 1987— the staples of our lives from food to flowers.

What he calls Megarealism is part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyperrealism.

With prices of  original oil paintings between 10.000 and 45.000 €, Sparnaay is now considered to be a leader among contemporary painters working in this style.

In New York, Tjalf Sparnaay is represented by O.K. Harris Works of Art in Soho.

My personal favorite

And last but not least:

The “Crashed Coke Can”motif we’ve seen so many times before- still this is at least a nice version.

Handicapped artist- Dare to underestimate ?

Stephen Wiltshire

After only a 20 minute helicopter ride over New York City, autistic artist, Stephen Wiltshire was able to draw the New York skyline, in pen, just from memory. Stephen is best known for his ability to draw a landscape after seeing it just once, from memory.

Never underestimate disabled person’s abilities, the are given special gift that make them equal to every fellow able bodied man or woman and way more valuable than those who dare to doubt them.